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Design Process

What's it like to work with you?

My clients tell me that I'm very easy to work with and I'm good at reading between the lines and intuiting brand feels that are hard to put into words. I believe that empathy should lead the design process because you learn so much more when you have your "listening ears" on.

Can you tell me more about the logistics of working together?

I've actually created an in-depth "user guide" to working with can check that out here. Basically, it's some ground rules that gives me the focus time I need to properly manage my projects, do my best work, and provide you with the best collaboration experience possible.

Project Timeline

Can I change the start date and timeline of the project even after I’ve paid my deposit?

Yes, but the timeline will potentially shift and is subject to my availability. However, I usually build in a 1-2 week buffer before the start of the project in case you need more time to get things sorted. If you need to postpone the project by more than 3 weeks, let me know what's going on that's causing such a delay and hopefully we can work something out.

What happens if I need more time to complete my homework assignments?
Will the project be delayed?

Totally fine if you need a a day or two extra, but just let me know ASAP that you're running behind schedule so I can plan for it. If your homework is taking wayyyy longer than expected, let's hop on a call and see if I can help you work through it and see if we need to adjust our next steps.

What happens to the timeline if you (Kat) miss a deadline?

I will do my best to be on time and stay on track, but in the event that I don't meet a deadline I will keep you in the loop. Sometimes the creative process take longer, sometimes shorter. I understand that a project delayed affects your business planning and I work hard to make sure I stay on schedule.


How should I get in touch with you if I have a question once we start working together?

Absolutely of course I am available to answer questions. Depending on the situation, the method that you use to contact me will vary, but basically I do not answer unscheduled calls. Instead...
• When collaborating on a task or document, please comment directly within Asana or the relevant Google Doc.
• For non-emergencies, please shoot me an email.
• Text me if you have an emergency (like you're at the printers and need my help now) and I will call you back.
PS. more details on this in my User Guide.

Will we have regular meetings once we start working together or are they random and as needed?

At the start of the project, we go ahead and schedule weekly/biweekly touchpoints throughout the project so we have an opportunity to check in and you have a change to ask any questions. Otherwise you can always shoot me an email.


What happens if I have a family/medical emergency?

I get it—life happens and sometimes you have no control over it. Just let me know what's going on and determine the best course of action. Obviously, I want my clients to be serious about the project and staying on track, but there are only so many hours in the day and so let's be realistic about the project timeline if your availability shifts.

What happens if you (Kat) have a family/medical emergency?

I hope you will afford me the same grace as I will you.

Change Order Policy

What if I want to change direction?

Let me know ASAP if you’ve had a change of heart about the look and feel of your design at any stage in the design process. I consider myself a fairly intuitive person, but I am not a mind reader. Please be honest about your feedback on designs—I can’t coursecorrect if you don’t speak up.  

Iteration is part of the design process, but if you sign-off on a concept or proof and then you have a change of heart, backtracking in the design process will result in an additional fee + altered timeline: cost will be calculated based on how many steps need to be re-done; timeline will be updated according to availability.

How late is too late to change direction of the project?

It's never too late, but the sooner you communicate your change of heart, the sooner we can course correct.

What if I need more iterations and revisions?

Totally fine. More iterations and revisions can be requested and will be invoiced separately. Please note, additional invoices must be paid in full before work begins.

Can I add deliverables once the contract is signed?

Sure, but the additional deliverables will be priced and invoiced separately. If the add-ons are extensive enough, it may be a sign that we need to redefine the project mission and redraft the project proposal. Again, please note, additional invoices must be paid in full before work begins.

Cancellation Policy

What happens if I need to press pause on the project?

In most cases we can put the project on ice, but be aware that if you postpone for more than 2 weeks, there is a reopening fee. When I design, I really like to get in the zone, so it's a lot of emotional energy and project management adjustment time for me to start and stop. I prefer to avoid a stuttering workflow.

What happens if I need to cancel the project?

If we absolutely need to cancel the project, you may, but all payments are non-refundable. Please understand that I don't share my working files and drafts, and you only get the final deliverables upon receipt of the final payment.

Payments Policy

What payment methods do you accept?

For small jobs $200 or less, I accept credit cards.

For larger jobs greater than $200, I require a bank transfer.

Do I have to pay 100% upfront or can I pay in multiple installments?

For small, quick-turnaround jobs starting within the month and lasting less than 1 month, 100% due at booking.

For larger jobs lasting more than 1 month, 50% is due at booking, 25% is due half way through the project, and the final 25% is due before finalizing design and releasing files.

What if I need more time to get you my next payment?

There is a 3 day grace period, but after 3 days your project will be automatically put on hold. If your project is postponed for more than 2 weeks, there will be a 7% reopening fee due in addition to your late payment.

What if I have a change in plans—can I get my deposit back or get a refund?

Unfortunately, all payments are final and non-refundable.