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Timmy Beer

Branding + Packaging Design


My dad has literally brewed beer longer than I’ve been alive and in all that time, he has never had a proper beer label. With retirement on the horizon, and ensuing hoptimonium, I decided to gift my dad with his very own beer brand. The easy part was gifting him an IOU, the hard part was conceptualizing an illustration as bold as the brewer (and the brew). Because Timmy Beer is brewed in small batches, we needed a labeling method that would make sanitation hassle-free and keep the limited bottle inventory flexible to accommodate whatever brew was in the queue. We decided that static cling labels would not only make a more vibrant artwork than a home print on paper, but it would also meet the logistical needs of homebrewing—removable, reusable, and no residual adhesive to muck up sanitation. 

What's Next

With packaging sorted out, all that's left to do is bottle the brews, chill, and enjoy!

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