Branding + Packaging tailored to your needs

I want to give you a brand asset library that will actually be useful to you so you can look good at all scales, in all formats, and on all applications. That's why I like to keep my services modular—so it's easy for us to build your own branding proposal according to your business.

Don't worry if you don't know all the add-ons you want—together we can discuss your needs and I'll make my recommendations for your particular situation.  

1. Start by choosing one branding package that you want as your foundation
2. Then choose supplemental branding elements
3. Then choose your branded social media elements
4. Finally, choose what method of printing you will be using for your packaging

NOTE: you may opt out of branding if you already have your own brand assets and style guide that you love and want applied to your product packaging.
Please be prepared to provide a link to your brand assets and style guide (in a Google Drive folder preferably) so I can verify that you have the resolution and file types I need to do a good job.


Lay Your Brand Foundation

(Choose one)

Already have a logo you love, but never seem to have the right size, shape, or resolution for your web and print needs? Wish you could update your color palette, but don’t know how to maintain cohesion? This package will allow you to update your brand asset library so you have the files you need now, plus the scalable, editable vector files that you’ll need later.

• Strategy Consult
• Logo Redraw
• Social Media Refresh
• Business Card
• Style Guide
• Implementation Training
Wordmark Branding Essentials

Whether you’re a new business who is working with a blank canvas or you’re an established business who needs a complete brand overhaul, it's important to have a solid brand foundation that you can build on as your business grows.

• Strategy Consult
• Brand Strategy
• Wordmark Logo
• Typography guide
• Style Guide
• Business Card
• Implementation Training

Custom illustrated branding essentials
starting at $3000

A custom illustrated wordmark and symbol are a great way to stand out and be memorable, especially in  oversaturated markets. If you want total creative freedom and control of your branding, this is the way to go. The world is your oyster—if you can dream it, you can do it!

• Strategy Consult
• Brand Strategy
• Custom Wordmark
• Custom Symbol
• Typography guide
• Style Guide
• Business Card
• Implementation Training

+ Supplemental Elements

(Optional, Choose as many as you like)
Texture Pack

Doodles, textures, and patterns are a great way to infuse your brand with character in social media posts, videos, flyers, and so much more. Having a mini library of brand textures will help you maintain brand cohesion as you create content and put yourself out there.

• Visual Strategy Consult
• 3 Shapes/Doodles
• 3 Textures
• 3 Patterns

Visual Identity System
starting at $1250

A visual identity system is a fantastic storytelling tool essential to the fast-paced, fleeting attention span age we live in. Do your audience a favor and give them the visual cues they need to identify your content as worthy of their valuable attention.

• Brand Storytelling Consult
• 10 Illustrated icons
Illustrated Portrait
starting at $1250

Whether you're the face of your one (wo)man band, the face of a franchise, or you run a well-oiled corporate machine, portraits are a fun way to make a personable and memorable impression.

• Full color, Vector Portrait

Brand Swag
starting at $50

Thoughtful brand swag is great way to keep your brand in people's sights so when they're ready to buy from you again, your name will be in the forefront of their minds. Also, your loyal fans sporting your gear will become a walking brand ambassador.

Take your pick:
• T-shirt
• Mug
• Jacket
• Tote
• backpack
• Notebook
• pen
• Something else?
Marketing Collateral
starting at $200

Not everything is digital—sometimes you need a good old fashioned paper print to hand out at live events, post on a bulletin, and leave by the register.

TAke Your Pick:
• Postcard
• Mailer
• Brochure
• Stickers
starting at $125

Make your brand feel hand-crafted and personable by digitizing your signature, handwriting, and other doodles. Now that you have a scalable file, you can put your stamp on any brand collateral and look good at any scale and in any format.

Take Your Pick:
• Signature
• Handwriting Sample
• Doodle

+ Social Media

(Optional, Choose as many as you like)
Social Media Rerfesh
starting at $300

Don't let bad layout and formatting muck up your great branding and distract from your message. Make sure you make a good first impression across all of space, time, and the internet with a Social Media Refresh.

• Consulting
• Light photo editing

Profile Pics + Banner:
• Instagram
• Twitter
• FAcebook
• Pinterest
• Linkedin
• Gmail
Category Icons
starting at $400

Use these buttons to visually organize your Instagram Highlights or Blog posts by theme or category.

• Consulting
• 5 Category Icons
Launch WEEK Graphics
starting at $800

Launching in style isn't just about looking good—it's about drumming up excitement and driving engagement! Make sure your graphics are queued up so you can focus on connecting with your peeps in the comments and in live videos.

• Strategy Consult
• 5 days of storytelling assets for instagram + facebook Posts (not including stories)

Content Creation Templates

You choose a focus or theme, together we craft a narrative, then I design the storyboard frames you need to tell your story.

• Storyboarding session
• photo Retouching
• 1 story template optimized for Facebook, instagram, Twitter Cards & Pinterest
Visual Strategy
for Video

Video isn't the future of marketing—it's happening right now! As much as we all wish social media posts were a one-size-fits-all approach, you'll have to invest some time and energy into formatting your videos if you want to look sharp across all platforms.

• Strategy
• Templates for Youtube, Facebook & Instagram
• Adobe illustrator training
*Canva Set Up available upon request for additional fee
Custom "stock" photography

Stock photos have their place, but it's a missed opportunity to show off who you are and what you're all about.  Start building a library of high resolution, high-quality photos unique to your brand so you have stock image folder that you can whip out for social media posts, website banners, flyers, and a million other things.

• Strategy Session
• 2 Hour Photoshoot
• Lightroom Photo editing
• (5) Photoshop Alterations
• Medium quality JPEGS @150 DPI for web
• High quality JPEGs @300 DPI for print
* RAW files available upon request for additional feE
STEP 2: Packaging

Choose Your Method of Printing for Packaging

Packaging design customization options include, but are not limited to:

Labels • Custom printed Boxes
gift packaging • printed mailers
POP displays • Wholesale Shipper
(Choose one)
print from home

If you're a small biz just getting off the ground or you're operating out of your home, this packaging option is just for you. By designing your packaging materials to be printed at home, you will have the freedom to produce in small batches without worrying about packaging supplies going to waste if you decide to roll out a new variation or pivot your product line. Together, we'll find the right winning combination of labels, tags, stickers, and stamps for your handcrafted goodies.

Pro Printing

If you're a small to medium sized business and you're looking to scale up your production and invest in professional printing, this is for you. From stickers to labels to custom mailers—there is so much we can do to elevate your product with beautiful packaging so it will stand out on store shelves and online. Let's create beautiful custom designed packaging within the confines of the stock materials that are available at your printer of choice.

Experimental Packaging

If you are looking to create a luxurious product experience, consider experimental packaging. This is definitely the most fun, creative end of the packaging spectrum. It's a fantastic option for limited, exclusive products, but can also be scaled up for mass production. If you have a flexible timeline and generous budget, let's experiment with materials, die cuts, molds, and more!

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